Vanuatu, New Caledonia


New  Caledonia!

After two wonderful years in Fiji, it was time to move on. Entr’acte set sail for Vanuatu on June 29, 2012.  Vanuatu was very laid back compared to Fiji. The villages while quiet were picturesque.
Yes, Someone lives here!  
The Ni-Vanuatu are every bit as friendly as the Fijians but their extreme shyness is in direct contrast to the Fijians.
  Welcome to Dravai Village!

he Ni-Vanuatu live off the land.  If the jungle provides it, they use it.  If it is not found in the jungle, they don’t need it.

The entire island of Anietyum is without electricity or running water.  There are no motor vehicles of any kind, no internet, no telephone, no stores or shops.  If you dont have it, you wont get it here!

Off to market  
The Cultural Festival at Port Sandwich on the island of Malekula is not to be missed.  On a score of one to ten, this was a 50!
  Harvest Dance

Entr’acte arrived in New Caledonia on August 1, after a boisterous three day passage.  Once through the notorious Havana Pass we we were flying along at 7 knots with the wind astern.

The wind blows like this every afternoon but inside the lagoon it is smooth sailing.

Screaming into New Cal at 7 knots!  
Port Moselle, Noumea, New Caledonia.  A real dock, water, electricity and high speed- reliable- internet.  What a treat! This was the our first real marina with  such amenities since Trinidad way back  in 2007.
  A marina at last!
Even though Noumea was crowded, there were ample places to go and be alone.
Magic Bay, Baie de Prony  
Entr’acte is now stored at Nouville Plaisance Chantilleir  awaiting the end of the cyclone season.
In March, she will be hoisted on board the CC Mattise and sent to LeHavre, Northern France.  


The plan is to cruise the Seine to Paris, the Canal de Nivernais and the Rhone to the Mediterranean and then on HOME——to —–Sevilla!

    At least she won’t blow away!