Sevilla Otre Vez! Semana



Home at Club Nautico    Queen Isabella’s Library

After seven years in the Pacific, Entr’acte is once again docked at el Club Nautico de Sevilla!

Sevilla, September, 2013

Our return to Sevilla was everything we had hoped for.  All of our friends were there to greet us and even  after almost ten years away, it was like we had never left.  No one wasted any time.  The fiestas commenced immediately and we were overwhelmed with music, dancing and of course FOOD in all of its Spanish abundance!

¡Viva España¡   La Famila Suarez Paella for 300 people La Giralda Tower

Sevilla will be our base for the next few years.  We plan trips into the Med, over to Morocco and of course a return to the Azores.

As Entr’acte rests and recovers from her long saga, we are in Arizona  practicing hard to regain our proficiency at dancing the Sevillana, happily playing Jazz to sold out concerts and counting the days until our return to Sevilla for Semana Santa and La Feria.

Stay Tuned!