Semana Santa

                      Semana Santa

 Paso San Gonzalo       Paso Santo Entierno

After six months of playing Jazz in Arizona, we are finally back on board Entr’acte.  This time it was easy.  She was already floating fully commissioned and it was like we never left.  

We arrived just two days before the start of Semana Santa(Hloy Week) in Sevilla and we fell right into things.  In this case our jet lag proved to be an advantage.  At 03:00 in Sevilla our body clocks were set for around 6 PM.  It worked out fine.

Manigetero Don Jose    Costalero Ricardo   Father and Son

Our dear friends Don Jose Suarez, Manegetero for San Gonzalo, and his son Ricardo, a Costalero,  took us in hand and we spent the better part of a week running about Sevilla chasing the processions. The processions for Semana Santa are made op of 120 pasos. One paso depics some aspect of the passion and death of Christ and is always accompanied by a secons paso of the Virgin Mary. 

Post of honor  It’s heavier than Entr’acte   Break time

The Manegetero is the guard of honor for the paso.  There are over 120 pasos moving around Sevilla during Holy Week.  Each paso weighing upwards of 8,000 lbs is heavier than Entr’acte and is carried by 30 or more Costaleros.  Each of the Pasos are escorted by a full band and hundreds of hooded penitents who wear the hood in order to make the procession of pennance in annonymity.

The crowds on the street at this time are unbelieveable.  If you have trouble with large crowds, this is not theplace to be.  The processions, while solemn are also wonderful social events when after one group completes thier procession they walk the streets in support of thier friends.

All of this takes place in the shadow of the new Portada (entry way) for the latest opening of La Feria which takes place two weeks after Easter when at midnight(when else?) the lights suddenly go on and thus begins a week of non-stop music and dancing la Sevillana—that group of dances unique only to Sevilla.

Stay Tuned

Nazarrenos   Friends from San Gonzalo   Feria Portada 2014