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An entertaining adventure story of two musicians headed to Tahiti on board the 27 foot sailboat, Entr’acte.  While preparing to transit the Panama Canal, they discover severe damage as a result of a hit and run collision.  Rather than returning home they choose to transit the Panama Canal and voyage on to Costa Rica to make repairs. After six months of enjoying the Costa Rica Yacht Club, the people of Costa Rica and the beauty of the country,  they venture out into the Pacific bound for the Galapagos.  Ten days of light winds finds them  crossing the Equator.  Arriving in the Galapagos they explore the islands and learn much about the land and sea life that abounds.  Many day excursions to the various islands gives them a great Galapagos experience.  The story ends with Entr’acte’s  departure for the Marquesas and Tahiti.

78 minutes of video, photos, narration and music.


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