Fiji Islands


The Boys night out at Royal Suva Yacht Club

Bula Vinaka!

     After leaving Tonga we headed for Savusavu on the Island of Vitu Levu in Fiji.  We cleared customs and were happily surprised by all the amenities the town had to offer.  It was indeed cruiser friendly.  The exchange rate in Fiji which is two to one in the favor of the dollar made everything very affordable.  We used the moorings provided by the Copra Shed marina run by the infamous Dolly who can help you with every problem you might encounter in Fiji.

Pacific-famous Dolly!

We rendezvoused with John and Paula who had left Tonga four weeks before to cruise the north coast of Viti Levu.  We shared the next two months with them as we travailed through Fiji.

After two weeks in Savu savu we headed for the big island of Vitu Levu by way of Koro.  The sails were good but it was clear that the trades were starting to pick up and we would have to watch our weather more carefully as summer approached the southern hemisphere.

We arrived at the Suva Yacht Club after dark brought in by the clear guidance of John who watched our navigation lights through his binoculars.  Although it seemed like a dangerous manuver there were no real off lying dangers just anchored boats that could readily be seen.  The water depths
were fine throughout the anchorage.

David Thuvu

We obtained many supplies in downtown Suva which was easy to access with the taxi.  At this point Ellen’s knee which had been injured in Pago Pago in May and somewhat attended to in Tonga was flaring up.  Ice and anti inflamatories did not seem to do the trick.  It was time to think about heading home and getting some real doctor help.   We made our way around the south side of Vitu Levu to the east shore where we found the protected waters of Nadi.  Here we would lay Entr’acte up for the cyclone season.  We hired Bharos to watch the boat.  For the first time we had sufficient time to prepare Entr’acte for our absence.  We flew home November 4 and plan to return May 3 rd.

In” the grave” at Vuda marina  

Upon returning home it was discovered that Ellen had indeed torn her meniscus and needs orthorscopic surgery which is scheduled for December 17th.  She also broke a tooth off and had to have an implant which was cared for.  It is good to be home.  We are in our home in Arizona awaiting the arrival of Martine and Alicia from Maestro on their way back to Tahiti from a Christmas visit to France.  It is great being on Entr’acte but it is also fun to be home  The best part of home is we have a phone and high speed internet.  We are back in business.

Fijian Landfall
Calling Home
Suva Market
Royal Suva YC