Feria in Sevilla 2014

                la Feria

Feria 2014     La Portada 2014

We survived Semana Santa quite nicely.  As usual there were people by the hundreds of thousands to watch the Pasos.  For once the time difference from Arizona to Sevilla and the resulting jet lag worked in our favor so the long nights out chasing Vigins was not too taxing.   We actually made it to Easter Sunday before we crashed.

As usual there is a one week “recovery” period and then a second week “to prepare” for the beginning of La Feria—-which would be another entire week without sleep.

The official opening of Feria is Monday night at midnight but as always in Spain things get going early. On Saturday night is was  the” 33rd annual Concurso de Jamon.”   A Ham contest—-having nothing whatever to do with Ham radio.  This is a competition for the best tasting Jamon Serrano. The competition was between 30 competing brands/styles/types  of jamon, all being freshly cut to request and passed around for eating and judging, served with copious amounts of bread,Cerveza Cruz Campo, Jerez Fina(Port) and Rebujito (7UP and Sherry).

Concurso del Coaches Caballo    30 different types of Jamon!     Vote for your Favorite    

Of course since this was Feria in Sevilla–all eating was done to the accompaniment of a live Sevillana band and we began dancing the Sevillana far in advance of the offical opening of Feria.

Sunday it was the Concurso de Coaches Caballos—horse drawn carriages–which was held in the Plaza de Toros(Bull Ring)-Magnificent!

On Monday, Feria officially opens with an event called Pescaito—-an evening of eating nothing but fish, in all of it’s forms.  Our Pescaito event was courtesy of The Jeffetura Superior Policia – Bomb Disposal Unit—-the menu included–Pastel de gambas,Jamon Serrano, Queso Viejo,Gambas Blancas, Langostinos, Bacalao, Salmorejo, Adobo and Chocos—-of course in unlimited amounts.  We won’t mention the wine beer and Rebujito.  

 Here we go!   All you can eat!   Feliz Feria 2014!  

Suddenly at Midnight,  everyone leaves the table and goes outside to watch the lighting of this year’s Portada along with all of the lights of Feria and it is suddenly like being at the center of a Nuclear Blast as hundreds of Cassttas come to life with lights, drums and bands.   The Party has begun and it will be non-stop eating and dancing La Sevillana for the next week.

  Non-stop Sevillana Elena y Mary Carmen    A different dress every day

Do the Spanish take the time off from work for Feria—-NO!  They go to work and at Siesta time they come to Feria.  Then they return to work and after work come back to Feria—the Spanish NEVER SLEEP!

Back to work!  Horses by day!       Dancing by night!

After a week of dancing the Sevillana, Feria came to a close with the usual firewworks display.  We all retreated to Club Nautico to recover.

Fiesta at Club Nautico 

In Two weeks we depart for France where we will play Jazz for two weeks.  One week at Cav 38 on Rue De Rivioli and another week at the Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois Sur Seine–just like last year.  Then we will return to Entr’acte and put to sea.

Stay Tuned