August – Caicos Fred

Fred is free!

                                 Caicos Freddy! Our dear, dear friend!

Hello to all our friends.

We are sorry to bring you this sad news. On August 8, 2005, our dear friend Fred Mueller finally lost his fight with cancer. We were fortunate to visit with him one last time in May when we laughed like the old days and then said our goodbyes. He is now free from pain and we will miss him dearly.

Despite his physical problems, Fred showed remarkable determination in making his voyage from Canada to the Bahamas and home again to give his family a glimpse of the freedom of life under sail that he loved so much. We happy we made the trip to the Bahamas with them and have those memories.

Entr’acte is presently in the Madeira preparing to depart for the Canary Islands. It has been a wonderful if eventful summer.

More on that very soon.


Ellen and Ed