Alive and Well

Entr’acte is Alive and Well and Living in Sun City West

May of 2016 found us in the Mediterranean sailing the Med to connect with the StevenStars Shipping Company-“Shippersgratcht”. We and Entr’acte boarded her in Malaga headed for Pennsylvania. We arrived about two weeks later and quickly made our way To Cambridge Md to the Richardson’s home to find our trailer, left there in 2002. In MD we decided to take Entr’acte home to SCW for a major refit and started to drive west to our home in Sun City West AZ.

Launched from the water onto the
ship-Entr’acte’s new birth our cozy
cabin an easy passage for Entr’acte
fog on the Grand Banks
boy’s watch back home in AZ
waiting for the refit!!